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Environmental Health Investigations Branch

Environmental Health Investigations Branch

Site Assessment Section

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Community Engagement

We strive to protect the public's health through the following:

  • Creating scientifically sound and useful assessments that embody environmental justice principles and equity
  • Providing opportunities, knowledge, tools and resources that enable communities to make informed decisions

Annual Stakeholder Roundtable Proceedings

Each year the Environmental Health Investigations Branch's Site Assessment Section (SAS) convenes a day long Stakeholder Roundtable. The Roundtables are part of the proactive outreach to stakeholders representing diverse communities in California and representatives of NGOs, academia, federal, state and local agencies. It provides the Site Assessment Section with an opportunity to discuss environmental public health concerns in a neutral setting; it fosters a productive learning environment for all participants and provides the SAS with guidance for its current and future work.

If you are having difficulty accessing the following documents please contact CDPH at (510) 620-3610 or to request this information in an alternate format.

What is a Community Health Study?

The link below is to a website created to share the experience and perspective of public health staff dedicated to studying links between environmental exposure to chemicals and health effects in California communities.

Community Health Studies

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