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Facilities Type Affected
collapse AFLDate : 2020 ‎(12)
October 30, 2020
All Facilities
California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Influenza Vaccination and Masking Policy
November 9, 2020
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Assembly Bill (AB) 2644 – Skilled Nursing Facilities: Infection Preventionists and Communicable Disease Reporting
November 16, 2020
Long-Term Care Facilities
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Infection Control Recommendations during Holiday Celebrations
March 26, 2020
Adult Day Health Centers (ADHC)
Home Health Agencies (HHA)
Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)
Intermediate Care Facilities/Developmentally Disabled (ICF/DD)
Referral Agencies
Regulatory Update for Social Worker Definition and Services
March 23, 2020
Adult Day Health Centers
Guidance for Limiting the Transmission of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Adult Day Health Centers
(This AFL supersedes AFL 20-27)
March 23, 2020
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Announcement: Extension of the Deadline to Apply for Patient Needs and Workforce Shortage Waivers
March 11, 2020
All Facilities
2020 Census Workers: Group Quarters Enumeration
June 12, 2020
All Facilities
Request for Interest in Serving as a Temporary Manager
July 3, 2020
General Acute Care Hospitals
Suspension of Regulatory Enforcement of Hospital Requirements
(This AFL supersedes AFL 20-26.2)
July 13, 2020
All Facilities
Public Safety Power Shutoff Power Outage Reporting
April 9, 2020
All Facilities
Infection Control Recommendations for Facilities with Suspect Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Patients
(This AFL supersedes AFL 20-15)
April 15, 2020
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Preparing for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in California Skilled Nursing Facilities
(This AFL supersedes AFL 20-25.1)
collapse AFLDate : 2019 ‎(2)
September 18, 2019
Nursing Facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Intermediate Care Facilities
Swing Bed Hospitals
Revised Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) 3.0 Manual, v 1.17
August 16, 2019
All Facilities
Updated Centers for Disease Control Tuberculosis Screening Recommendations for Health Care Personnel (HCP) and Nationwide Shortage of Tuberculin Skin Test Antigens
collapse AFLDate : 2017 ‎(1)
February 3, 2017
Intermediate Care Facility; All Facilities; Skilled Nursing Facilities
Senate Bill (SB) 1193: Healing Arts (Chapter 484, Statutes of 2016)
collapse AFLDate : 2015 ‎(1)
March 04, 2015
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Change of Ownership (CHOW) Notification Requirements
collapse AFLDate : 2010 ‎(1)
February 26, 2010
Acute Psychiatric Hospitals
Collection of Hospital-Based Outpatient Clinics Providing Primary Care Services
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