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Be Prepared

Young woman talking to friend on a bus

How to Stay Alert and Stay Safe on Public Transportation 

​​Follow the guidelines below to help make public transportation a secure environment for everyone.

1. Be Alert and Observant While Traveling

2. Report Any Suspicious Behavior or Activities that Seem Unusual or Out-of-Place

Here are some examples of suspicious behavior:

  • Acting nervous or sweating inappropriately.
  • Taking pictures or videotaping in areas of no interest to the general public.
  • Attempting to get into an area that is off limits.
  • Leaving a package, backpack or briefcase and hurrying away from the area.

3. Report Any Broken Equipment, Missing Lights or Strange Odors

4. Without Touching Them, Report Any Abandoned Items to an Employee

Here are some questions to ask when observing a suspicious package:

  • Is it out of the way or hidden?
  • Was it abandoned by someone who left quickly?
  • Does it have lumps, bulges or protrusions like wires, tanks or bottles?
  • Is it surrounded by clouds, mists, gases, vapors or odors?
  • Does it have a threatening message attached to the outside?

5. Remember to Take All of Your Belongings with You When You Leave a Train or Bus

Information adapted from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Bay Area Rapid Transit.

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