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Strategic Development & External Relations Fusion Center​

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services Public Health 3.0 report, the public health department of the future is one that plays the role as chief health strategist, convening a multitude of sectors to ensure health in all policies and wellbeing for all. Furthermore, the report calls for the creation of internal cross-disciplinary teams to create a horizontal leadership structure; a center unit housed within the department dedicated specifically to external relations, strategic development, and community engagement. CDPH has been an early adopter of this model through the creation of the Strategic Development and External Relations Fusion Center. The Fusion Center represents the vision for becoming the public health department of the future; one which is proactive, transparent, collaborative, outcome-driven, and able to respond to constantly changing conditions.

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The Fusion Center has a multifaceted portfolio of projects, including:

Public Health 2035 (PH2035), which explores new approaches to public health relating to leadership, workforce, evaluation, and strategic partnership.

Let's Get Healthy California (LGHC), which outlines a plan to improve the health of all Californians over
a ten-year period by addressing preventable and chronic conditions while decreasing disparities.

Emerging Issues framework, which is a process to help assess and identify the public health role in various emerging issues by making connections across programs, sharing data and information, and determining action steps and implementation strategy.

Health Economic Evaluation Initiative, which focuses on exploring the relationships between resources expended on public health interventions and the value gained in improved population health.

Health Care Reform Initiative, which reviews the latest local and federal policy and legislative actions and sets forward alignment across the department. ​​

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