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Cultural Competency

Cultural diversity, competence, awareness, and cross-cultural empathy. In CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL) we recognize that improving our understanding of people from different backgrounds is critical to our success.  This highly interactive workshop aims to help trainees build on existing strengths and gain additional insights into how  to enhance appreciation of our similarities and differences. Together we’ll explore the dimensions of diversity, ways to enhance empathy, and the concept of cultural humility as well as share tools and techniques to improve your ability to work with people from varying backgrounds.

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Facilitator's Guide

We're Better Together: Understanding the Role of Culture in SNAP-Ed (WORD, 12.7MB)


We're Better Together: Understanding the Role of Culture in SNAP-Ed (PPT, 20.0MB)


Diversity Wheel (PDF)
Families for the SNAP Challenge (PDF)
Food Group Table - Family 1 (WORD)
Food Group Table - Family 2 (WORD)
Food Group Table - Family 3 (WORD)
Food Group Table - Family 4 (WORD)
Six Habits (PDF)

Additional Resources

The resources listed below are intended to complement CFHL trainings provided. For questions on allowability of use in implementing CFHL activities, please contact your CFHL State Implementing Agency contact for clarification and guidance.

John Hopkins University

Diversity and Inclusion Information

University of California at Berkeley-Greater Good:  The Science of a Meaningful Life

Six Habits of Highly Empathic People

Roots of Empathy

The Wisdom of Babies

California Health Advocates

Cultural Humility: Are you Practicing Cultural Humility? The key to Success in Cultural Competence

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