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Healthy Retail

New to Healthy Retail? You’ve come to the right place! The A,B,Cs of Healthy Retail: Fundamentals for Designing a Healthy Retail Program will provide an overview of how to design a Healthy Retail Intervention Plan and equip you with the resources you need to support this work. To get started, check out the introductory webinar! The three subsequent webinars will help you expand your knowledge base on Healthy Retail Interventions.

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Facilitator's Guide

A, B, Cs of Healthy Retail (WORD)


A, B, Cs of Healthy Retail (PPT, 36.1MB)


My Neighborhood, My Store (PDF)
Store Score Card Examples (PDF)
Taking Stock (PDF)


CalFresh Healthy Living Connection - Evidence-Based Interventions

Additional Resources

The resources listed below are intended to complement CalFresh Healthy Living trainings provided. For questions on allowability of use in implementing CalFresh Healthy Living activities, please contact your CalFresh Healthy Living State Implementing Agency contact for clarification and guidance.
Healthy Retail Playbook: A Set of Tools for Policy and Partnership
Healthy Food Access

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