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LIA Messaging Training

Online Modules

"Breakthrough Messaging" consists of six interactive modules that explore the components of effective message development, writing and delivery. Together, the modules provide the information, guidance and tools needed to become a more effective writer and communicator on behalf of your organization.

Breakthrough Messaging Online Modules

Train the Trainer

SNAP-Ed LIA Messaging training is a four-part train the trainer program for developing and delivering effective communication.  Sessions 1 – 3 are in recorded webinar format and session 4 is an in-person workshop where participants will apply the skills learned in webinar sessions 1-3.

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Facilitator's Guide

SNAP-Ed LIA Messaging


LIA Messaging Training 1 - Developing Your Messages (PDF)

LIA Messaging Training 2 - Connecting to Your Audience (PDF)


Message Editing Checklist 

Pocket Consultant Worksheets

Messaging Worksheets


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