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nutrition education and obesity prevention branch (NEOPB)

Nutrition Education

What is a sure-fire recipe for successful nutrition education?
Start with several handfuls of knowledge about nutrition and health topics, fold in great presentation and facilitation skills, including how to lead food or cooking demonstrations, add understanding of participants education needs, and blend with a keen grasp of the nutrition education curricula until smooth! 

Below you will find a variety of training tools to help staff learn more about some key nutrition topics, ways to improve their ability to lead groups and demonstrations, issues about health literacy, and some NEOPB developed nutrition education curricula.

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Train the Trainer

Facilitator's Guide

S.N.A.P. Crackle Learner Centered Education (LCE) (Word, 18.0MB)


S.N.A.P. Crackle LCE (PowerPoint, 70.8MB)
S.N.A.P. Crackle LCE Jeopardy (PowerPoint)


S.N.A.P. Crackle LCE Workbook (Word, 4.6MB)
Cereal Box Cover Poster (Word, 2.2MB)
Cards for Activity (Publisher)


CalFresh Healthy Living Connection - Collaborative Dialogue & Direct Nutrition Education

Additional Resources

The resources listed below are intended to complement CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL) trainings provided. For questions on allowability of use in implementing CFHL activities, please contact your CFHL State Implementing Agency contact for clarification and guidance.

Creative Training Techniques Handbook, Bob Pike
101 Ways to Make Training Active, Mel Silberman
Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach,  Jane Vella
From Telling to Teaching,  Joye Norris

This is a list of nutrition related topics that CFHL staff may need to be familiar with to be successful in their jobs.  It also contains links to resources that have more detailed information for these topics. It is aimed for new CFHL staff who may not have strong backgrounds in nutrition. We encourage CFHL Local Implementing Agency supervisors to share this document with their new staff to help them prepare for their work.
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