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CalFresh Healthy Living Peer Exchange Program

Looking for ideas or assistance from a peer?
Able to share your expertise or experience with a peer?

The Peer Exchange Program can connect you with an LIA peer!

The CalFresh Healthy Living Peer Exchange Program connects Local Implementing Agency (LIA) peers with each other to share best practices, lessons learned, and resources. During a Peer Exchange, a Mentor agency provides expertise and shares best practices in a pre-determined topic area with a Mentee agency looking to advance their work in that topic area. The Peer Exchange Program increases the capacity of LIAs to implement CalFresh Healthy Living in California and provides an opportunity to develop communities of learning. This program presents unique learning opportunities, as exchanges are not limited by service area or SIA, but can occur across regions and across agencies.

Meet with other local implementing agencies via:
• Phone Call
• Web-Based Virtual Meeting
• In-Person Meeting

The Peer Exchange Program can:

• Put you in touch with another agency working on the same topic or same setting as you
• Help set-up, plan, and facilitate your exchange
• Provide conference call lines or web-based meeting software
• Provide travel grant funds for in-person meetings

Sign up to join the Peer Exchange Program today!

• Sign up with our Peer Exchange Program Application to let us know what topics you are interested in learning about or sharing about.
• Want to learn more? Find more information on the Peer Exchange Program Description webpage or contact

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