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nutrition education obesity and prevention branch (NEOPB)

Bi-racial family in their kitchen celebrating healthy refreshments

​Program Focus Areas

Healthy Victories Campaign

The California Department of Public Health supports the CalFresh Healthy Living program with an advertising and public relations campaign that highlights how small changes can lead to Healthy Victories for the whole family. The campaign utilizes upbeat messaging via social media, TV, radio and outdoor advertising coupled with promotional activities that highlight easy to incorporate healthy eating and physical activity tips. The campaign features real Californians, not professional actors, from across the state who, despite the challenges of everyday life, have committed to making healthy changes. For more information, visit our CalFresh Healthy Living website. 

Make Everyday Rethink Your Drink Day raises awareness about the health effects of sugary drinks and promotes the benefits of drinking water. For Rethink Your Drink Day resources and updates, visit our Rethink Your Drink Day website.

Make Everyday Healthy Snack Day raises awareness that healthy snacking can be easy and affordable. For Healthy Snack Day resources and updates, visit our Healthy Snack Day website.

Champion Provider Fellowship

 The Champion Provider Fellowship provides training and education on a wide variety of health care subjects, including the socio-ecological model of prevention, food insecurity, healthy retail, crafting compelling messages, working with the media and writing for change.  Providers are connected with their local health department to work collaboratively with community change leaders, community-based organizations, schools, faith-based organizations and others to find local solutions to obesity and related chronic diseases.  In addition, there is ongoing technical assistance and support for providers and facilitation of a supportive network of like-minded physicians and dentists committed to improving health in their communities.

Program Initiatives

The Policy, Partnership, & Program Development Section is comprised of two units:  1) Policy and Partnership Development; and 2) Program and Resource Development.   This section provides leadership, training, technical assistance in the areas of nutrition, education, programs and curriculum, community engagement, and policy systems and environmental supports.   Section staff facilitate relationships with public and private partnerships, stakeholders, and advisory bodies; and convene statewide meetings.  Section activities are integrated with other programs and projects within NEOPB.

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