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nutrition education and obesity prevention branch (NEOPB)

Promising Practice Exchanges (PPE)

Promising Practice Exchanges (PPEs) are full-day workshops that provide an opportunity for CalFresh Healthy Living agencies to showcase local, regional, and national promising practices. Providing customized training and technical assistance activities, PPEs are also designed to foster local and regional connections and develop regional learning communities. The training and technical assistance provided during PPEs address region-specific needs as identified in FFY20-22 CalFresh Healthy Living Integrated Work Plans and allow opportunities for attendees to network with peers.

​Are You Interested in Joining a PPE Planning Committee?

Statewide Training Service Regions & Areas Defined

CalFresh Healthy Living Statewide Training has seven (7) service areas, under the umbrella of three (3) service regions, to effectively manage the rollout of major statewide trainings and events. Below is a listing of the three service regions and the service areas which make up each region:
1. Northern Region (Service Area: North Coast & Cascades)
2. Central Region (Service Areas: Central Coast, Central Valley, Delta & Gold Country, and San Francisco Bay Area)
3. Southern Region (Service Areas: Greater Los Angeles and Inland Desert)

​​Recruitment of PPE Planning Committee Members

Upon the opening of the annual recruitment period, the CalFresh Healthy Living Statewide Training Team will seek one (1) Local Implementing Agency (LIA) representative and one (1) State Implementing Agency (SIA) representative per service area from each of the following agencies to participate as a member of a PPE Planning Committee: 

• California Department of Aging and Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs)
• Catholic Charities of California and Local Catholic Charities Agencies (CCCs)
• California Department of Public Health and Local Health Departments (LHDs)
• CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California and Cooperative Extensions (UCCEs)

Note: The CalFresh Healthy Living Statewide Training Team has dedicated Training Consultants who provide leadership and logistical coordination support to each PPE Planning Committee.

If interested, please complete the PPE Planning Committee Application Form. Selected members will receive an email notification from the CalFresh Healthy Living Statewide Training Mailbox.

PPE Planning Committee Member Roles & Expectations

• Participates in 1 and ½ hour biweekly committee meetings via teleconference or videoconference to actively plan the event;
• Serves a subject matter representative (SMR) on SNAP-Ed topics or provide SMR referrals to the PC;
• Offers resources that can be used throughout the planning process and/or at the exchange;
• Promotes the exchange at the State and Local levels;
• Helps the PC coordinate volunteers (ex: moderators, timekeepers, room monitors, etc.) to support the exchange the day of the event;
• Participates in a debrief after the exchange; and
• Provides feedback on ways to sustain event outcomes, including the sharing of resources, to foster local connections and develop learning communities regionally.

Application Announcement and Due Date

LIAs and SIAs will receive an email notification announcing the opening of the recruitment period and due date for completing the Planning Committee Application. Selected members will receive an email notification from the CalFresh Healthy Living Statewide Training Mailbox.


Service Area/Region Training Consultant Map (PDF)


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