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Asthma Management Academy training participants

Asthma Management Academy (AsMA)

What is the AsMA?

The Asthma Management Academy (AsMA) is a unique set of trainings for community health workers (CHWs) and other health educators to learn how to deliver high quality, asthma self-management education (AS-ME), as outlined in the national asthma guidelines. Evidence suggests intensive AS-ME improves asthma control and medication adherence, reduces asthma-related emergency department (ED) visits and hospitalizations, and delivers a positive return on investment.

AsMA Partner Organizations and Participants: Since 2017, the AsMA has trained over 500 CHWs from 68 organizations

Impact of the AsMA

The impact of the AsMA is measured in the following ways:

  • CHW knowledge and skills 
  • Evidence-based strategies implemented by CHWs

CHW Knowledge and Skills

AsMA participants build skills, knowledge, and competency about asthma self-management education in the AsMA. Through competency testing conducted by a certified asthma educator, AsMA participants demonstrated increased asthma knowledge and mastered skills after attending the AsMA.

CHW Knowledge and Skills Impact: AsMA participants had an average score of 97% on asthma knowledge and medication devices

Evidence-Based Strategies Delivered by CHWs 

AsMA participants are encouraged to implement evidence-based strategies to improve asthma control, such as conducting teach-backs. A teach-back is a method of checking understanding by asking the patient or client to state in their own words what they need to know or do about their health. Teach-backs are associated with improved health outcomes and patient understanding. After attending the AsMA, participants began conducting teach-backs in their own programs.

Of participants surveyed before and after the AsMA, 39% who did not do teach-backs before the AsMA started after the AsMA

Training Logistics

The AsMA is a no-cost training for asthma educators. It is a live, virtual three-day training facilitated by CHWs and a certified asthma educator (AE-C). The AsMA is available in English or Spanish. Each AsMA has approximately 15 people in each training. The training sessions cover:
  • The Scope of Asthma
  • Asthma Trigger Identification
  • Asthma Medications
  • Medication Delivery Devices
  • Monitoring and Assessing Asthma Control
  • How to Conduct an In-Home Asthma Trigger Assessment
  • Best Practices for Home Visiting

The information taught in these training sessions is based on the national asthma guidelines and adapted by the Association of Asthma Educators, the California Department of Public Health, and community-based organizations that conduct asthma home visiting. The training sessions focus on adult learners and build skills, knowledge, and competency through discussion, videos, and skill-building activities. Each participant receives an asthma training kit, which includes inhaler demonstration devices, a peak flow meter, spacer, and participant manual.

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AsMA is a project of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). AsMA was developed by CDPH with funding from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC-RFA-EH19-1902CONT21) and the California Proposition 99 Cigarette and Tobacco Products Surtax Fund.​​

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