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Environmental Health Investigations Branch

Environmental Health Investigations Branch

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California School Environmental Health & Asthma Collaborative

The mission of the California School Environmental Health & Asthma Collaborative (SEHAC) is to ensure that schools provide an optimally healthful environment that maximizes health, teaching, working and learning for the entire school community.

The goal of the SEHAC is to implement the State Strategic Plan for Asthma in California 2015-2019, using a coordinated school health approach that will do the following:

  • Increase the school community's awareness of the importance of addressing indoor air quality and asthma issues, and the recognition of the links between mental and physical health and positive learning outcomes.
  • Engage state and local policymakers and education leaders to promote school based asthma management programs and indoor air quality management plans, and to encourage the implementation of school district policies on asthma and indoor air quality.
  • Improve school indoor air quality through school site interventions involving all school personnel and through the implementation of strategies including the use of environmentally preferable products.
  • Create professional development and training opportunities for school district staff, board members, administrators, and teachers to learn about asthma and indoor air quality and to integrate environmental and health education into academic curriculum when feasible and appropriate.
  • Increase the capacity and resources provided to schools for addressing asthma and indoor air quality issues.
  • Increase collaborations that will leverage community partnerships, parent/student involvement and resources to address asthma and indoor air quality issues in schools.

To learn more, visit the SEHAC website. 

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California Breathing is proud to be a founding member and an ongoing participant in the California Healthy Housing Coalition (CHHC) since its formation in 2010.

The mission of CHHC is to provide leadership to promote healthy, safe, energy efficient and affordable housing for all residents in California. The Coalition's diverse membership includes housing rights and social justice organizations, public health advocates, local, state and federal government agencies, and other experts on housing, indoor air quality, and health. Members come together to provide resources, expertise and advocacy for statewide strategies to promote and protect healthy housing, with particular attention to low income communities and communities of color.

To join the Coalition or learn more about it, visit the CHHC website.

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