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Asthma Data

California Breathing analyzes asthma data from a variety of sources to better understand the burden of asthma in California. These data are summarized and made publically available through county profiles, statewide reports, and fact sheets. California Breathing aims to make asthma data accessible and informative to stakeholders and partners working to reduce asthma in California.

County Asthma Data Tool


  • County Data Tool - Interactive online tool for viewing information on asthma prevalence, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths by county. Data from 2015 and 2016 are currently available.

Asthma in California Reports

Custom Data Request

If you want data that are unavailable on our website or any material here in an alternate format, please send your request to and we will contact you regarding the possibility of creating a customized data set. It is not always possible to fulfil custom requests, but each will be considered.

Additional Data Resources

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