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environmental health laboratory branch

OAQ Staff and Research Specialties

Acting Chief, Outdoor Air Quality Section

Jed Waldman, Ph. D.


Emergency Preparedness Unit

Kevin Chao, Ph.D., Research Scientist

All hazards preparedness training, CBRNE, chemical incident response, chemical release exposure and plume modeling

David Pierotti, Ph.D., Research Scientist

All hazards substance screening, Chemical incident response, mobile laboratory, GC/MS, canister sampling


Environmental Exposure Investigations Unit

Sutapa Ghosal, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Raman micro-spectroscopy, flame retardants, environmental forensics, bioaerosols, secondary ion mass spectrometry

Tamara Sparks, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Environmental lead, trace metals, ICP/MS,  air quality data analysis


Forensic Special Studies Unit

Zhong-Min Wang, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Nanoparticle generation, nanoparticle sampling, electron microscopy, XRD, XRF

Jeff Wagner, Ph.D., Research Scientist

Electron microscopy, FTIR micro-spectroscopy, environmental forensics, particle sampling, wildfires, community exposures

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