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Occupational Health Watch: November 2014

Helping Schools Reduce Asthma Risk, Save Money

Guidelines-cover-260x346 Healthy Cleaning & Asthma-Safer Schools: A How-To Guide (PDF) is a new set of guidelines that helps school districts go green and save money by transitioning to asthma-safer cleaning products and practices. A companion video features California custodians and administrators' successes using the guide's strategies.

One in five Californians spends at least part of his or her day in a school. Studies show that asthma in schools is a serious problem. Everyone in schools – custodians, staff, and students – may be exposed when harmful cleaning and disinfecting products are used. Newer cleaning products and technologies allow school districts to save money and have clean and healthy schools with fewer risks to health and the environment.

The guide explains to school administrators, facility managers, and other school advocates how to switch to asthma-safer cleaning in simple, manageable steps. It provides ready-to-use tools, resources, and forms to help districts make changes and promote safer cleaning successes within the school community.

The Cleaning for Asthma-Safe Schools (CLASS) project developed the guide and the video. CLASS helps California schools adopt safer cleaning practices to protect worker and student health. CLASS is housed in OHB's Work-Related Asthma Prevention Program.


Healthy Cleaning & Asthma-Safer Schools Guide (PDF) and Video

Cleaning for Asthma-Safe Schools Project

Work-Related Asthma Prevention Program

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