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Address (Courier Delivery):

California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

1500 Capitol Ave, MS 7602

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California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

P.O. Box 997435, MS 7602

Sacramento, CA 95899

Food Recalls

When a firm announces a food recall, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) posts the firm's announcement as a public service. 

CDPH does not endorse either the product or the firm.

Information regarding food recalls, retail distribution lists, and links to other food recall information may be found below.

For food recall questions, please contact the FDB Food Recall Coordinator at or (916) 650-6607.

More information is available on the Food Recall Resources webpage.

​If you would like information regarding a particular recall that occurred prior to the last three months, please send an email to

 Commodity Specific Recall Information

February 2021

Ocean Group Inc. - Packaged Clams (UPDATED) 02/10/21 (PDF)

Hickory Harvest Foods-Sprouts Vanilla Flavored Yogurt Covered Cranberries (UPDATED) 02/09/21 (PDF)

January 2021

Dole Fresh Vegetable, Inc. - Dole Endless Summer Salad Kit 01/28/21 (PDF)

think! and Interpac Technologies Inc. - Oatmeal (UPDATED) 01/28/21 (PDF)

Maine Grains, Inc. - Organic Yellow Peas 01/27/21 (PDF)

New Leaf Community Markets and New Seasons Market - Various Deli Products 01/26/21 (PDF)

Door County Coffee & Tea Co. - Cappuccino Single Serve Cups 01/21/21 (PDF)

Nestlé Prepared Foods – Pepperoni Hot Pockets (UPDATED) 01/15/21 (PDF)

Lake Champlain – Milk Chocolate Products (UPDATED) 01/15/21 (PDF)

EVR Foods, Inc. - Lavva Yogurt (UPDATED) 01/11/21 (PDF)

Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. (Expanded) - Dog and Cat Pet Food Products 01/11/21 (PDF)

Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. - Dole Sesame Asian Chopped Salad 01/05/21 (PDF)

Courage Production, LLC – RTE Polish Sausage Products (UPDATED) 01/02/21 (PDF)

December 2020

Divvies, LLC – Cupcakes 12/31/20 (PDF)

Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. – Sportmix Dog Food and Cat Food 12/30/20 (PDF)

The Quinault Tribe - Dungeness Crab (UPDATED) 12/28/20 (PDF)

Perfect Pasta Inc. – Various Brands of Frozen Meat and Poultry Products (UPDATED) 12/19/20 (PDF)

Nestlé Prepared Foods – Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken Meal Products (UPDATED) 12/19/20 (PDF)

SunnySide Catering & Biscuits – Frozen Biscuits 12/12/20 (PDF)

Tesoros Trading Co. (EXPANDED) - Trader Joe’s Lightly Salted Edamame 12/16/20 (PDF)

Tesoros Trading Co. - Trader Joe’s Lightly Salted Edamame 12/16/20 (PDF)

Maribel’s Sweets - Cacao Market Cylinder Dark Chocolate Pearls 12/01/20 (PDF)

November 2020

Tarantino Wholesale Foods Distributor – RTE Chicken Breast Products (UPDATED) 11/26/20 (PDF)

Riverside Natural Foods - Good & Gather Banana Chocolate Chip Date & Nut Bar (UPDATED) 11/23/20 (PDF)

Whole Foods Market – Popcorn Chicken Shaker with Sweet Chili 11/23/20 (PDF)

Fusion Health and Vitality LLC – PharmOrigins Core Essential Nutrients and Immune Boost Sublingual Vitamin D3 11/22/20 (PDF)

Fresh Express – Expired Fresh Express Kit Caesar Supreme (UPDATED) 11/17/20 (PDF)

Albright’s Raw Dog Food – Dog Food 11/13/20 (PDF)

Tanimura & Antle Inc. - Romaine Lettuce (UPDATED) 11/06/20 (PDF)

Sauer Brands, Inc. – The Spice Hunter Spices and Blends (UPDATED) 11/06/20 (PDF)

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