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California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

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California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

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Food Recalls

When a firm announces a food recall, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) posts the firm's announcement as a public service. CDPH does not endorse either the product or the firm.

Information regarding food recalls, retail distribution lists, and links to other food recall information may be found below.

For food recall questions, please contact the FDB Food Recall Coordinator at
or (916) 650-6607. More information is available on the Food Recall Resources webpage.

​If you would like information regarding a particular recall that occurred prior to the last three months, please send an email to

 Commodity Specific Recall Information

December 2021

Alexander & Hornung - Fully Cooked Ham Products (UPDATED) 12/05/21 (PDF)

BUBS Naturals – Fountain of Youth Formula Dietary Supplement 12/03/21 (PDF)

Livia Global, Inc. - LiviaOne and BioLifePet Probiotics 12/01/21 (PDF)

November 2021

Kraft Heinz - Country Time Lemonade, Tang, Arizona Tea, & Kool- Aid Powdered Beverage Products (UPDATED) 11/20/21 (PDF)

The Spice House - Sichuan Chili BBQ Rub 11/22/21 (PDF)

Cargill - Wilbur Dark Chocolate Triple Covered Malted Milk Balls 11/19/21 (PDF)

Shamrock Foods DBA Gold Canyon Meat Co - Beef Patties  (UPDATED) 11/15/21 (PDF)

Nutracap Holdings, LLC - Dietary Supplements 11/12/21 (PDF)

Oregon Lox Company - Salmon Lox (UPDATED) 11/11/21 (PDF)

Innovative Solutions, Inc. - Chicken Patty Products (UPDATED) 11/10/21 (PDF)

Euro Foods - Citterio Salame Sticks (UPDATED) 11/10/21 (PDF)

Nutracap Holdings – Various Brands Dietary Supplements 11/09/21 (PDF)

October 2021

MaryRuth’s - Liquid Probiotic for Infants (UPDATED) 10/29/21 (PDF)

Bobo’s - Almond Butter Protein Bars 10/27/21 (PDF)

Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods - Organic Mediterranean Hommus (UPDATED) 10/25/21 (PDF)

EveryPlate – Onions in Meal Kits 10/23/21 (PDF)

HelloFresh – Onions in Meal Kits 10/23/21 (PDF)

Keeler Family Farms – Onions 10/22/21 (PDF)

Demaiz Inc. DBA Mex Tamale Foods - Beef And Pork Tamale Products 10/20/21 (PDF)

ProSource Produce - Onions (UPDATED) 10/20/21 (PDF)

Evans Food Group Ltd. – Various Brands of Pork Products (UPDATED) 10/14/21 (PDF)

Tuffy's Pet Foods - Nutri Source Dog Food 10/11/21 (PDF)

Crider Foods - Canned Beef with Gravy Products 10/08/21 (PDF)

Maple Island Inc. – Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal 10/08/21 (PDF)

Nestlé Professional - Fruit and Trail Mix Products 10/07/21 (PDF)

Simple Mills - Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers 10/06/21 (PDF)

Mama’s Bread - Mama’s Sweet Bread 10/05/21 (PDF)

Chocolate and the Chip LLC - Various Products (UPDATED)10/05/21 (PDF)

Fromm Family Foods - Canned Dog Food 10/01/21 (PDF)

September 2021

Delicious International, LLC DBA FitEats – Various Meals (UPDATED) 09/30/21 (PDF)

B&G Foods - Tone’s Taco Seasoning Blend 09/29/21 (PDF)

Espi’s Sausage and Tocino Co. – Argentina Hotdog Products 09/28/21 (PDF)

Nestlé - DiGiorno Crispy Pan Crust Pepperoni Pizza (UPDATED) 09/26/21 (PDF)

Ajinomoto - LingLing Potstickers (UPDATED) 09/25/21 (PDF)

Valley Milk Simply Bottled - Raw Cow Milk (UPDATED) 09/22/21 (PDF)

Drew’s Organics – Aldi Simply Nature Organic Poppy Seed Dressing (UPDATED) 09/16/21 (PDF)

August 2021

Seong Hoon Kim DBA Shil La Dang  - Rice Cakes 08/27/21 (PDF)

Fratelli Beretta USA, Inc. – RTE Uncured Antipasto Meat Products 08/27/21 (PDF)

Rocky Top Farms - Cherry Butter 08/26/21 (PDF)

Valley Milk Simply Bottled - Raw Goat Milk 08/23/21 (PDF)

Mai Cuisine Inc. - Shrimp Sushi Rolls (UPDATED) 08/14/21 (PDF)

Mai Franchising Inc. - Sushi Products (UPDATED) 08/14/21 (PDF)

Genji Pacific LLC. - Sushi Products (UPDATED) 08/14/21 (PDF)

Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company – Simply Nourish Frozen Dog Food 08/13/21 (PDF)

Hostess Brands - Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns (UPDATED) 08/13/21 (PDF)

Avanti Frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd. (EXPANDED) – Various Brands of Frozen Cooked Shrimp (UPDATED) 8/13/21 (PDF)

Dark Horse Organic - Various Products (UPDATED) 08/10/21 (PDF)

Able Groupe - Infant Formulas 08/08/21 (PDF)

DSD Merchandisers, Inc. – Dark Chocolate Malt Balls (UPDATED) 08/04/21 (PDF)

Je Dois L’avoir Boutique - Weight Loss Dietary Supplements 08/02/21 (PDF)

Golden Natural Products, Inc. - Dried Apricot 08/02/21 (PDF)

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