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Newborn Screening program (nbs)

For Clinicians - Collection Information

Over 99% of the babies born in California are screened. The actual sample of newborn blood is obtained by the second day of life by a heel-stick. State regulations require that the sample be collected between 12 and 48 hours of life, prior to a red blood cell transfusion. If for any reason the newborn screen is collected prior to 12 hours (e.g., transfusion, discharge earlier than 12 hours), a second screen will be required.

NBS Program Testing and Follow-up Requirements


NBS Collection Poster

Steps to Collecting the Newborn Screening Specimen 

Shipping Instructions
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NBS Provider Supplies Form

For Hospital & Out-of-Hospital NBS Providers 

NBS Inadequate Poster

Top Five Reasons for Inadequate Newborn Screening Heel Stick Specimen
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NBS Transport Log

To be completed by Collection Facility and to Re-order Transport Loigs

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