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prenatal screening program

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Outcome of Pregnancy Portal

The Confidential Report of an Outcome of Pregnancy collects information on pregnancy and the outcome of pregnancy from healthcare providers who cared for a birthing parent with services related to prenatal screening. The California Code of Regulations (Title 17, Section 6527) require that this information be provided because it is essential to the analysis of the effectiveness of the policies and practices adopted by the California Prenatal Screening Program at the Genetic Disease Screening Program (GDSP). 

It is mandatory that healthcare professionals completing this report provide complete and accurate information. The records maintained by GDSP are confidential as defined in Civil Code 1798.3 and are exempt from access by any individual except licensed medical personnel designated by the subject. It will be used for public health surveillance, Prenatal Screening Program evaluation, and special studies as defined in Health and Safety Code 100330. It is permitted under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.  

GDSP has conducted the Confidential Report of an Outcome of Pregnancy survey for more than two decades. In June 2021, GDSP launched a secure online portal where the Confidential Report of an Outcome of Pregnancy can be completed and submitted online.

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