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Prenatal screening program

Prenatal Genetic Testing Videos

The Washington State Department of Health, in partnership with Genetic Support Foundation, produced this series of seven educational videos regarding Prenatal Genetic Testing. The videos are provided here with their permission.

 Transcripts for the videos on this page. (PDFs)

YouTube controls allow you to slow the videos down.  To do so, make the video full screen by clicking on the box icon in the lower right hand corner of the video screen. Click on the settings icon that looks like a gear. Then click on Playback Speed, and change the speed to ".75".

Prenatal Genetic Testing

What Conditions are Commonly Tested for During Pregnancy?

Prenatal Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Screening

Maternal Serum Screening

Prenatal Ultrasound


Chorionic Villus Sampling

En Español

To view the videos in Spanish, or to see companion handouts, please visit the Genetic Support Foundation Website.

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