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Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

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Welcome New Vendors!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a WIC authorized vendor. The CDPH/WIC Division provides technical assistance regarding the vendor authorization process, and other frequently asked questions in regards to becoming a WIC authorized vendor. Applications for new store locations are accepted year round.

Electronic Benefit Transfer Capability Requirements - Important Information for Prospective California WIC Authorized Vendors (PDF)

California WIC - List of Certified Point of Sale (POS) Systems (PDF)

Apply to become a WIC authorized vendor!

1. The Vendor Application Package consists of the following documents:


What documents do you need to provide?

1. Submitting all of the required items may result in expedited processing of your Vendor Application Packet. All required items are listed below:

  • Health Permit
  • Parent Company Information (if applicable)
  • Additional Vendor Ownership Disclosure Information (if applicable)
  • Calfiornia Sales and Use Tax Forms

 How do I submit my completed application?

1. Upon completion of the Vendor Application Packet, please follow the instructions for submitting your Vendor Application Packet.




Please note: The CDPH/WIC Division, has become aware of a third-party company stating that they provide services (for a fee) for individuals to become authorized California WIC Vendors. The CDPH /WIC Division would like all current and prospective vendor applicants to understand that CDPH /WIC Division does not charge individuals for the authorization process.  Individuals interested in becoming a WIC Vendor, should work directly with the CDPH /WIC Division to avoid potential scams and receive proper assistance regarding the WIC authorization process. 



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