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California WIC Card Implementation Rollout Waves

 Transitioning to the WIC Card

The pilot for transitioning to the WIC Card begins June 3, 2019 in Solano and Napa counties! After the pilot is complete, the WIC Card will be rolled out statewide in 10 waves by geographic area as shown in the map below. A new wave will go live approximately every 3 weeks starting early September 2019. The Go Live date is the first day a local agency site begins issuing the WIC Card. Over time, paper checks will be phased out. The transition to the WIC Card will be complete statewide by March 30, 2020.

 The California WIC Card Rollout Waves map with go live dates

Factors considered when developing the rollout wave schedule included:

  • Geography and distance between local agencies
  • Density of local agencies and vendors per wave
  • Weather
  • Holidays
  • Facilities for training
  • Staffing and training enrollment size


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