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AFL 17-29
December 28, 2017

All Health Care Facilities

Small House Skilled Nursing Facilities Pilot Program: Application Procedures and Request for Applications (RFA)

All Facilities Letter (AFL) Summary

This AFL publishes the RFA for participation in the Small House Skilled Nursing Facilities Pilot Program (SHSNF PP), as authorized by Chapter 671, Statutes of 2012 (Senate Bill 1228), and the application procedures for prospective applicants in the SHSNF PP.

This AFL provides information regarding the application process for the SHSNF PP, as well as the deadlines for application submission. The application process for the pilot program is a competitive one, and those applications that are most comprehensive and explicit as to how the facility will meet the SHSNF PP standards will receive higher scores. Attachment A describes the application procedures; Attachment B summarizes the application scoring criteria; Attachment C is the participation agreement that successful applicants need to sign.

Please refer to AFL 17-30 for the standards for developing and operating each facility selected to participate in this pilot program. 

If you have questions regarding any of the matters discussed in this AFL, please email them to



Original signed by Jean Iacino

Jean Iacino
Deputy Director


Small House SNF Pilot Program: Application Procedures & Request for Applications

Small House SNF Pilot Program: Application Evaluation Criteria

Statement of Understanding and Agreement to Participate in the Small House SNF Pilot Program

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