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Licensing and Certification Program

Certified Nurse Assistant

​The Professional Certification Branch (PCB), Aide and Technician Certification Section (ATCS) is primarily responsible for the certification of nurse assistants by ensuring applicants adhere to the California Health and Safety Code, Section 1337-1338.5.

How to Verify the Status of your Certificate

How to Apply or Renew a Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate

How to Find a Training Program or Provider to Become a Certified Nurse Assistant

How to Complete Your Renewal Application

Submit a completed Renewal Application (CDPH 283C) (PDF) along with documentation (CDPH 283A) (PDF) showing your completion of forty-eight (48) hours of In-Service Training/Continuing Education Units (CEUs)  within your two (2) year certification period.  A minimum of twelve (12) of the forty-eight (48) hours shall be completed in each year of the two (2) year certification period.  A maximum of twenty-four (24) of the forty-eight (48) hours may be obtained only through a CDPH-approved online computer training program.  You may submit the application by mail or by faxing it to our department.

How to Complete Your Initial Application

An applicant for certification as a CNA shall comply with each of the following:

You must complete and submit the following to CDPH: 

Once you have completed the CDPH-approved training program, you will need to successfully pass the Competency Evaluation Examination.  If you successfully pass the Competency Examination, you must allow at least thirty (30) days for CDPH to receive your examination results from the testing vendor.

How to Complete Your Reciprocity Application Package

In order to transfer your out-of-state certificate to California, you must complete and submit the following to CDPH:

How to Complete Your Equivalency Application Package

If you are presently enrolled in (or completed) a Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, or Licensed Psychiatric Technician program, have received medical training in military services, or have received the above license(s) from a foreign country or U.S. state, you may not have to take further training and may qualify to take the Competency Evaluation.  You must complete and submit the following to CDPH:

  • An Initial Application (CDPH 283B) (PDF)
  • Obtain your fingerprints in California utilizing a Live Scan Agency and submit a copy of the completed Request for Live Scan Service (BCIA 8016) (PDF).  Please also download the Request for Live Scan Service Sample (BCIA 8016 Sample) (PDF), which will show you how to correctly complete the BCIA 8016 form.
  • An official, sealed transcript of training (students may substitute the official transcript with a sealed official school letter, listing equivalent training and the completion of at least the "Fundamentals of Nursing" course). The letter must include the completion date(s) of the training/courses and hours/units completed.  If discharged from the military, a copy of the DD-214 can substitute for an official transcript.
  • Proof of work (paystub or W2) showing the applicant has provided nursing or nursing-related services in a facility to residents for compensation under the supervision of a licensed health professional within the last two (2) years. Proof of work is not required for current nursing students or if the college degree was obtained within the last two (2) years.

Upon completion of the above requirements, the applicant will be sent information regarding the Competency Evaluation examination.  You must allow a minimum of thirty (30) days for CDPH to receive your examination results from the testing vendor.  Once you have successfully passed the examination, maintained criminal record clearance, and the results from the testing vendor have been received, CDPH will issue a current CNA certificate.

State and Federal Requirements

Certified Nurse Assistant Forms 

Contact Us :

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Aide and Technician Certification Section
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Phone Number: (916) 327-2445

Please note that the Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVRU) is an automated phone system. An option must be selected before the IVRU can proceed with a transfer to an agent. After the required information is entered you will be given the option to press “0” for an agent.

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