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Online/Distance Learning

Nurse Assistant Training program (NATP)

Educational Institution Application Requirements

Public Educational Institution means a community college, university, a regional occupation center, a high school, an adult education center, accredited school of professional nursing or accredited school of vocational nursing whose certified nurse assistant training programs have been approved by the Department of Health Services or the Department of Consumer Affairs and offered by the Department of Education.

Agency means a private school, organization or individual approved by the Department to provide a continuing education course and a certification training program for nurse assistants. (ELRU currently does not process continuing education course applications.)

Please submit the following:

  • CDPH E276 – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Application

  • CDPH E276E – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Clinical Site Agreement

  • CDPH E279 – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Instructor or Director of Staff Development Application

  • CDPH E276A – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Skills Checklist

  • CDPH E276C – Online Nurse Assistant Certification Training Program Individual Student Record

  • CDPH E276B – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Daily Clinical Schedule. The training program may create their own daily clinical schedule following the content in CDPH E276B.

  • CDPH E276P – Online Nurse Assistant Training Program Sample Policies and Procedures. The training program may create their own policies and procedures following the content in CDPH E276P. See the Best Practices for NATP Operation and Policies & Procedures Development page.

  • A copy of training curriculum detailing its contents


For faster processing, all forms and documents must be completed and submitted to the eLearning Review Unit email at A staff member will contact the applicant once the application is received.



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