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Tuberculosis Control Branch


Am I at Risk? 




   Anyone can get TB,
   but some people are  
   more at risk than

   If you are concerned that
   you are at risk for TB,
   please speak to your doctor
   about getting tested. It is the
   only way to find out if you have
  TB germs in your body. 


Other communities at high risk for TB

High_risk_settingPeople living or working in high-risk settings

Some examples include:

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • jails or prisons
  • living shelters (examples: shelters for the homeless or women's shelters)


If children are exposed to TB germs, they are at high risk of getting sick with TB. This is because their immune system is not strong enough to fight off TB germs. Please visit our TB and Children webpage for more information.


CowPeople consuming dairy products that have unsafe bacteria

Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis) is a bacteria that causes a certain type of TB.  You can get M. bovis from consuming dairy products that are not pasteurized (a process that removes bacteria). For more information, please see our Bovine TB Fact Sheet (PDF).

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