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County Data Monitoring

Step 2: Targeted Engagement with CDPH

County Data Chart 

In partnership, CDPH will work with Local Health Departments to set up strategy calls and provide technical assistance. The following areas will be discussed:

  • Identify the drivers of the changing situation and whether it is increasing confirmed cases, uptick in hospitalizations and ICU patients, outbreaks in congregate settings such as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) or jails/prisons, or community transmissions in settings such as churches, workplaces, or agriculture, and amongst other specific populations experiencing disease disproportionately.

  • Review of the strategies already in place by the Local Health Department and community to address each of the areas of concern, including locally defined plans and protocols published through variance attestations.

  • Discuss additional steps that should be taken in various environments such as more aggressive testing strategies, any issues with contact tracing, need for healthcare resources or infection control strategies.

  • Discuss issues that may develop as a result of currently identified issues, e.g. additional SNF or community outbreaks leading to a healthcare surge.

  • Discuss any gaps in resources and clear articulation of any additional roles for the state and/or local jurisdiction.  Resource gaps should include commodities such as personal protective equipment (PPE), testing supplies, or other consumables. 

  • Review of business sectors that are open and whether any other state agencies may be needed in the discussion given their ownership of the facility or role in regulating that business sector.

  • Review of Local Containment Triggers and Consideration of renewing non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI).

The state will work closely with Local Health Departments to identify action steps and timelines for addressing issues that impact indicators of concern. Counties currently being monitored at this step, the drivers of their situation, and key action steps identified are below:

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