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ADAP and Care Evaluation and Informatics (ACEI) Branch

The ACEI Branch oversees data collection, reporting, quality improvement, program monitoring and scientific evaluation for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and HIV Care Programs. 

ADAP Fiscal Forecasting, Evaluation, and Monitoring (AFFEM) Section

AFFEM was established to ensure ADAP has sufficient organizational, technical, and analytical support to sustain current service levels and provide opportunities for improvement and growth. AFFEM works collaboratively with ADAP and other OA branches and internal and external stakeholders  to provide the management structure for oversight of: 

  • All ADAP data-related activities, including all ADAP eligibility management systems oversight, system requirements development, data management, and data governance;
  • Fiscal forecasting and policy analyses needed for budget estimation and submittal of official Budget Estimates, and grant applications; and
  • Evaluation, monitoring, and special studies needed to assess and improve medical and insurance assistance benefits service delivery.

Care Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) Section

CEM was established to ensure sufficient organizational, technical, and analytical support for implementation and outcomes of the HIV Care programs.  CEM conducts activities related to HIV Care programs monitoring and evaluation and HIV Care data system monitoring and evaluation:

  • Manages the collection, analysis, monitoring, evaluation, and research needs of the HIV Care program data;
  • Guides the implementation, enhancement and maintenance of the HIV Care data system, and operates the help desk of the HIV Care data system; and
  • Works collaboratively with the HIV Care branch to develop and submit federal grant applications and complete mandated progress reports.
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