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Office of legislative and Governmental Affairs

Monica Wagoner, Deputy Director, (916) 440-7502

Charlet Archuleta, Assistant Deputy Director, (916) 445-2105

Dennis Hall, Legislative Coordinator, (916) 324-5271 

Program Areas:

Center for Infectious Diseases

Center for Family Health

Center for Healthy Communities 

Tony Huizar, Legislative Coordinator, (916) 440-7514

Program Areas:

Center for Environmental Health

Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch

Radiation Safety and Environmental Management

Office of Health Equity

Office of Legal Services

Center for Health Statistics and Informatics


Barbara Schmitz, Legislative Coordinator, (916) 445-7279

Program Area:

Center for Health Care Quality

Licensing and Certification

Emergency Preparedness Office

Laboratory Field Services


Vacant, Legislative Coordinator, (916) 440-7515

Program Areas:

Fusion Center



Vavant, Constituent Affairs Analyst. (916) 440-7507

Vacant, Legislative Analyst, (916) 440-7518

Vacant, Student Assistant

Contact Us

Mailing Address: PO Box 997377, MS 0503, Sacramento, CA 95899-7377

Physical Address: 1615 Capitol Avenue, MS 0503, Sacramento, CA 95899-7377 (use for shipping USPS/UPS/FedEx/Golden State Overnight)

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