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When Should You Wear a Mask in California?

Use this toolkit to better understand when you need to mask up in California to protect yourself and others against COVID-19. Share the following fact sheet (PDF), customizable flyers (.docx), and social media with your communities. This material is downloadable and shareable.


Use this handout to understand current CDPH guidance on when individuals should wear a mask in California. This handout summarizes current masking guidance.


When Do You Need Your Mask - English (PDF)​, Spanish (PDF)

Customizable Flyers

These customizable flyers were created by CDPH for use by Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs). They do not necessarily reflect CDPH masking guidance, but may be used by LHJ public information officers to communicate local masking guidance to their communities.


Please Wear a Mask Indoors (Single man) - English (.docx), Spanish (.docx)


Please Wear a Mask Indoors (Small group)- English (.docx), Spanish (.docx)

Social Media Messaging

Use these suggested messages in conjunction with the social media images found below.

When Do You Need Your Mask? Social Media Messaging - English & Spanish (PDF)

Social Media Images

To use these images, click on each one to enlarge the image, then right click and "save as".


Wear a mask if you're on public transportation (at all times - even when you're vaccinated)
Wear a mask if you're in a... hospital setting (this includes long term care facilities.)
Wear a mask if you're in a... state and local shelter (like homeless shelters, emergency shelters, and cooling center.)
Fully vaccinated? You may go unmasked in most places.
Wear a mask indoors in public places... if you are not fully vaccinated (this includes inside grocery stores, clothing stores...
Wear a mask in outdoor crowded spaces if you are not fully vaccinated (like concerts or festivals.)
Businesses, venue operators, or hosts may choose to implement vaccine verification and/or require all patrons to wear masks.
People cannot be denied service for choosing to wear a mask.
Wear a mask if you're in a... youth setting (like k-12 schools, childcare, and etc)


Usa una mascarilla si estás…en el transporte público (en todo momento, aún si estás vacunado)

Usa una mascarilla si estás… en un hospital (Esto incluye centros de atención a largo plazo)

Usa una mascarilla si estás en un…refugio estatal o local (como refugios para personas sin hogar, refugios de emergencia y centr

¿Estás completamente vacunado? Puedes ir sin mascarilla en la mayoría de los lugares.

Usa una mascarilla en lugares públicos cerrados… si no estás completamente vacunado (esto incluye supermercados, tiendas de ropa

Usa una mascarilla en espacios abiertos al aire libre cuando hay mucha gente si no estás completamente vacunado (como conciertos

Los negocios, operadores de eventos o anfitriones pueden optar por implementar la verificación de la vacuna y/o pedirles a todos

No se les puede negar el servicio a las personas que eligen usar una mascarilla.

Usa una mascarilla estás en un… entorno con jóvenes (como escuelas K-12, guardería de niños, etc.)

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