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Strategic Planning

View CDPH's 204-2017 Strategic Map (PDF)

CDPH's Strategic Plan creates a shared agenda while focusing energy and resources towards common goals and results across our Department. It communicates our Department's goals and the actions needed to achieve them. Establishing clear and measureable benchmarks allows the Department to assess progress, and make adjustments in direction to respond and adapt to a changing public health environment.


The plan's goals and strategic priorities are divided into six high-priority goal areas that encompass all of the work we do. They help coordinate and align resources and actions with our Mission and Vision. Every CDPH employee's work is reflected in these goal areas in support of our mission. Our goals embody our dedication to continuous self-improvement while providing maximum service to California's diverse people and communities.


CDPH's 2019 – 2022 Strategic Map provides a high-level overview of our Strategic Plan , including our Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategic Priorities, and core values.  For more information about our strategic planning efforts, please contact .

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