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signpost How to Submit a Renewal Application Online


  1. Create a User Account
  2. Log In
  3. Search and Link
  4. Start Renewal
  5. Update Business Information
  6. Update Testing Site Information
  7. Review Information, Upload Documents, and Payment

  ​ The online application system is optimized for use on your desktop or laptop computer. 

 A. Create a User Account

step 1To create a user account, go to: Skip to main contentCDPH Account Portal

Skip creating an account if you already have one. Go to the next step to log in.
step 1 image  

  ​  Password requirements:

  • Must be at least 8 characters.
  • Must NOT be a word found in the dictionary.
  • Must NOT contain first, last, or middle name.
  • Must contain at least:
    • one UPPER case letter,
    • one lower case letter,
    • one number,
    • may contain special characters ($, %, @, ?, !)


step 2Remember your username/userID, then click Close. It will take you to the log in page.

step 2 image

 B. Log In

step 3Log on using either your username/userID or email and password.

step 3 image

step 4​ On the CDPH Licensing Portal, click the Laboratory Facilities icon.

step 4 image 

step 5Review the Privacy Disclaimer. Click the checkbox to agree, then click Proceed.

step 5 image

step 6Choose Yes if you are the owner of the facility you are creating an account for. Choose No if you are NOT the owner. Click Submit.
step 6 image

If you are not an owner, verify the information and proceed to the next step.
step 6.2 image

 C. Search and Link

step 7Link your Testing Site before you can renew it. Click Search to check if your record exists in our database.

step 7 image​ ​

  ​ Do not click New at this point to avoid delays or additional fees. If your State ID is not found in the search result contact 


  ​ You will only see this screen the first time you log in. Clicking Link Existing Site under Options will also search and link your Testing Site. 

step 8 If you have a Renewal ID, enter it here, and click Search. Otherwise, click No.

step 8 image

If you do not have a Renewal ID or RNL number, enter at least 2 IDs:

  • State ID
  • Tax ID
step 8.1 image




In this example, we are searching using the State ID and CLIA ID.


Click Search.

step 9Click the Link Site button to link the site shown on the search result to your account. Please note that if this is a primary site, all of its secondary sites will be linked jointly to your account. 

step 9 image  

  ​ Check carefully if the result is your facility.
       DO NOT link if it’s not. 


step 10Click Yes to link this site to your account. Then, click No if you have no other facilities to link.

step 10 image

step 10.1 image  

step 11Once your site is linked to your account, you can update the address and other changes or information.

Click the linked Business name to view the Testing Site. 

step 11 image
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