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Food and Drug Branch (FDB)

Food and Drug Branch Forms



CDPH 53 (PDF) - Disclosure Statement Human Prescription Drug Manufacturers


CDPH 8582 (PDF) - Export Document Application

CDPH 8590 (PDF) - Bottled Water Distributor License Application

CDPH 8591 (PDF) - Cold Storage or Refrigeration Facility License Application

CDPH 8592 (PDF) - Frozen Food Locker Plant License Application

CDPH 8593 (PDF) - Organic Processed Product Registration Application

CDPH 8594 (PDF) - Private Water Source Operator License Application

CDPH 8595 (PDF) - Drug Manufacturing License Application

CDPH 8596 (PDF) - Medical Device Manufacturing License Application

CDPH 8597 (PDF) - Cannery License Application

CDPH 8601 (PDF) - Retail Food Program Service Request Application

CDPH 8602 (PDF) - Retail Water Facility License Application

CDPH 8603 (PDF) - Water Bottling Plant License Application

CDPH 8604 (PDF) - Water Vending Machine Operator License Application

CDPH 8605 (PDF) - Water Hauler's License Application

CDPH 8610 (PDF) - Processed Food Registration Application

CDPH 8611 (PDF) - Processed Food Registration Application

CDPH 8617 (PDF) - Temporary Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer Registration Application (COVID-19 Emergency)

CDPH 8642 (PDF) - Shellfish Handling and Marketing Certificate Application

CDPH 8676 (PDF) - Pet Food Processor License/Registration Application

CDPH 8678 (PDF) - Cosmetic Manufacturing Registration Application

CDPH 8679 (PDF) - Home Medical Device Retailer License Application 

CDPH 8679 O (PDF) - Out of State Home Medical Device Retailer Registration Application 

CDPH 8694 (PDF) - Food Safety Fee Exemption Request

CDPH 8695 (PDF) - Application for Home Medical Device Retailer Exemptee License (New and Renewal) 

CDPH 8707 (PDF) - License/Registration Verification Request

CDPH 8759 (PDF) - OCAL Certifier Registration Application

CDPH 8760 (PDF) - OCAL Manufactured Cannabis Product Certification Application

CDPH 9106 (PDF) - Alternate Sanitizer Variance Application for Oxidus Aqueous Ozone Disinfection System

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