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​​Crash Medical Outcomes Data Project

The California Department of Public Health, Safe and Active Communities (SAC) Branch has implemented a project to integrate medical and crash data on traffic injuries.  California's traffic safety and injury prevention communities need analyses of both crash and medical data focusing on person-level risk factors and outcomes to better understand how to prevent Californians from being injured and killed in traffic crashes.

This project responds to the current gap in knowledge by electronically linking police crash reports with medical sources like emergency department and hospital records and with death data.  Other states have used this data linkage approach to show, for example, how seat belts and motorcycle helmets protect people from injuries.  This project also responds to the need for instant on-line analysis of traffic injury data for policy evaluation and planning by making person-level crash data accessible via the web.

The Crash Medical Outcomes Data (CMOD) Project is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), under the auspices of the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee, and administered by California's Office of Traffic Safety.  CMOD is included in California's Strategic Highway Safety Plan under Challenge Area 16:  Improve Safety Data Collection, Access, and Analysis.

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Fact Sheets released prior to May 1, 2017 are available on the archived CDPH website.


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