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Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research Branch


The Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research Branch (CDSRB) is committed to serving the public by collecting statewide data about cancer and cancer risk factors, conducting surveillance and research into the causes, cures, and controls of cancer, and communicating the results to the public. CDSRB coordinates these activities by directing, managing, and monitoring the state-mandated Ken Maddy California Cancer Registry (CCR), the California Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (CBRFSS), and California's Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP). CCR is the cornerstone for a substantial amount of cancer research with more than 450 funded research projects and over 2000 publications that have relied on CCR data. CBRFSS specializes in conducting scientific health-related surveys. CCCP oversees the California Dialogue on Cancer (CDOC) a statewide comprehensive cancer control coalition.




  • BRFSS Survey and Data OverviewPresented by Vanessa Miguelino-Keasling, MPH. California Department of Public Health, Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research Branch.


  • Advanced Stage Colorectal Cancer in California Communities Presented by Jennifer Rico, MA California Cancer Registry, California Department of Public Health


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