Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research Branch

Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research Branch

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The Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research Branch (CDSRB) is committed to serving the public by collecting statewide data about cancer, Parkinson's disease, and chronic disease risk factors; making chronic disease surveillance data available to public health practitioners and qualified researchers; conducting chronic disease surveillance; and communicating surveillance results to the public. In addition, the Branch provides leadership for, and coordination of, California's statewide comprehensive cancer control efforts based on the concept that people and organizations working together to identify problems and develop solutions will lead to better use of limited resources and generation of new resources through new partnerships. CDSRB implements these activities by directing, managing, and monitoring the state-mandated Ken Maddy California Cancer Registry (CCR), California's Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP), the Richard Paul Hemann California Parkinson's Disease Registry (CPDR), and the California Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (CBRFSS).  




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Advanced Stage Breast Cancer among Women 40 Years and Older, by Medical Service Study Areas, California Counties (2010-2014) 

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