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healthcare-associated infections program

The Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Program is one of two programs in the Center for Health Care Quality of the California Department of Public Health. The Program was created by mandate to oversee the prevention, surveillance, and reporting of HAI in California's general acute care hospitals.  HAI are the most common complication of hospital care.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 722,000 HAI occur each year in the U.S., resulting in approximately 75,000 deaths, and 1 in 25 hospital patients contract an HAI during the course of their hospital care.  Since 2010, the HAI Program has produced annual public reports of hospital HAI data to inform choices of healthcare consumers and prompt providers to take actions to prevent infections.  We also actively engage in HAI prevention by performing site visits to hospitals with high infection rates, convening regional HAI prevention collaboratives, and providing infection prevention education to providers.  The HAI Program also consults with local public health agencies to assist with investigations of unusual infection occurrences or outbreaks that occur in healthcare facilities. The vision of the HAI Program is to eliminate preventable HAI for all Californians.

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Me And My Family
What Can We Do To Prevent HAI?
Germs that cause an infection can be spread in healthcare settings from patient to patient on the unclean hands of healthcare providers, or through the improper use of invasive devices or medical equipment.


Annual HAI Reports
What Can We Do To Prevent HAI?
 Californians can review annual hospital HAI data as one way to assess the quality of hospital care and make informed health care choices.                                                            

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Health Care Providers
What Can We Do To Prevent HAI?
HAI risk is reduced when providers use infection practices consistently, such as always cleaning hands prior to touching a patient, and removing invasive devices as soon as they are no longer needed.

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Interactive Maps
 What Can We Do To Prevent HAI?
Data reports can be hard to understand. Hospital HAI information is also presented on easy-to-use maps. Californians can use the map to find HAI results for their local hospitals.

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