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Office of regulations 

Decisions Pending and Opportunities for Public Participation

The Government Modernization, Efficiency, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2005 requires each state agency post to its Web site information on Board and Advisory Committee meetings and agendas, information on the Department's proposed regulations, and instructions on how the public may submit written comments or otherwise participate in these administrative proceedings, meetings, and hearings.

The California Department of Public Health welcomes comments on all proposed regulations, in keeping with California’s commitment to provide meaningful involvement in government decisions. 


How to Participate

Links to information explaining how the public can participate in the State of California's open meeting processes.


Laws & Regulations Relevant To Current Public Proceedings

View the California Department of Public Health's proposed and emergency regulations and the State of California's proposed statutes (bills).

  • Proposed Regulations - Access information related to the Department's proposed and emergency regulations.

  • Proposed Statutes - Access information related to the State of California's proposed statutes (bills). 

 Submit Your Comments on Proposed Regulations Here

  • Submit Comments - How to submit comments concerning proposed regulations, from the Department's Office of Regulations.


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