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Communicable Disease Emergency Response Program (CDER)

The Communicable Disease Emergency Response Program (CDER) supports and increases the reach and effectiveness of DCDC's preparation for and response to infectious disease emergencies, and infectious disease aspects of other disasters (e.g., fires, floods, earthquakes).  CDER prepares for and assumes a leadership role in bioterrorism and other communicable disease emergencies with plans, guidelines, exercises, and interventions including community mitigation and infection prevention.

CDER develops and reviews policies and documents based on epidemiology and surveillance; public health planning, program implementation, and evaluation; and principles of effective communication and collaboration.  CDER supports outbreak investigations, and leads investigations if requested, with other DCDC branches and programs.

CDER also coordinates the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange (CalREDIE), the statewide surveillance system for infectious diseases, outbreaks, and emergencies.

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