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The California Department of Public Health's (CDPH) senior health programs promote the health and wellbeing of older Californians. Senior health refers to not only the conditions that affect the health of an aging population but also the factors and behaviors that influence the quality of health. The California Department of Finance projects that by 2030, California's over-65 population will nearly double to approximately 8.6 million people, indicating a need to address senior health conditions, medical care and support systems today.  In 2010, California's average life expectancy was 80.8 years, ranging from 75.1 years in African Americans and 86.3 years in Asian Americans.  CDPH Programs address these chronic conditions, as well as Alzheimer's disease, oral health and other conditions, with a focus on disease prevention, promoting initiatives that encourage early intervention and screening, and tips for maintaining optimum health in the senior years.  ​​

CDPH also plays an important role in patient safety through its regulation of more than 1200 skilled nursing facilities around the state, and provides several resources to help Californians select a nursing home that best fits their needs. For more information on nursing homes and senior care related information visit the Patients, Residents, and Families webpage.

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