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Work-Related Asthma Prevention Program

Fragrances & Work-Related Asthma

Perfume2aMod2Fragrance ingredients used in perfume, personal care products, cleaning products, and air fresheners can trigger asthma. Fragranced products are used in many California workplaces and have been associated with over 350 cases of work-related asthma.

The Work-Related Asthma Prevention Program (WRAPP) has tracked hundreds of asthma cases associated with fragrances at work. These worker illnesses occurred in many indoor work settings like schools, hospitals, offices, and manufacturing. WRAPP found that perfume was the ninth most common exposure reported by people with asthma related to their work. Nearly a quarter of the cases associated with fragrances were new-onset asthma, meaning the workers reported no prior history of asthma.

WRAPP Publications on Fragrances & Work-Related Asthma

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