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VRDL Specimen Shipping Guidelines and Current Specimen Submittal Forms


Specimen Shipping Guidelines

  • Submit one form per specimen
  • Prevent leaking. Be sure that the primary specimen container is closed tightly.
  • Use an appropriate, sealed secondary bag or container with absorbent material included.
  • Do not apply tape to secondary bags. Do not tape specimens or bags together.
  • Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

Note: In order to ensure accurate patient and specimen identification, the submitter must provide the following information:

    • Patient name or patient identification number (must also be written on sample container)
    • Date of birth
    • Date of onset (estimate if necessary, since this is very important to result interpretation)
    • Type of specimen(s) (must also be written on sample container
    • Date specimen was collected (must also be written on sample container)

Specimen Submittal Forms





Outpatient HFMD Case Report

Hospitalized Enterovirus Case Report Form

Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) Surveillance Submittal Form

Enhanced Enterovirus Surveillance Submittal Form



Norovirus Laboratory Network (NLN) Guidance for 2016-2017 Norovirus Season

Confirmed Norovirus Outbreak Submittal Form for Strain Typing

Unexplained Gastroenteritis Outbreak Specimen Submittal Form



When submitting hantavirus specimens, open these two links and fill out BOTH forms

Hantavirus Submittal Instructions, Screening Criteria, and Case Report Form

General Purpose Specimen Submittal Form


Rabies: Animal

Rabies Virus Strain Typing and Bat ID Specimen Submittal Form

Rabies Virus – Specimen Submittal Form for Suspected Rabid Animals



Isolate for Identification or Strain Typing Specimen Submittal Form

Influenza Reference Examination Submittal Form

Influenza and  Respiratory Individual Specimen Submittal Form (Use for original clinical specimens)

Hantavirus Case History and Specimen Submittal Form

Pediatric Influenza Specimen Submittal Form

Respiratory Fatal Case Submittal Form

Respiratory Outbreak – Group Specimen Submittal Form

Respiratory Outbreak from a Long Term Care Facility – Group Submittal Form

Severe Illness Laboratory Surveillance (SILS) Specimen Submittal Form

Non-Influenza Respiratory Disease (NIRD) Surveillance Submittal Form



General Purpose Specimen Submittal Form


Vaccine Preventable

General Purpose Specimen Submittal Form

Guidance for Shipping Measles Samples to VRDL

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