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Active Transportation Safety Program

Supported by the California Department of Transportation's (Caltrans) Active Transportation Program (ATP), the Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC) provides technical assistance and resources to Caltrans ATP awardees and interested parties.  The overall goal of the ATP is to encourage increased use of active modes of transportation, such as bicycling and walking. Additional goals of the ATP are to increase the proportion of trips accomplished by biking and walking; increase safety and mobility for both bicyclist and pedestrians; advance the active transportation efforts of regional agencies to achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals; enhance public health; and to ensure that disadvantaged communities fully share in the benefits of the program.  As part of the ATRC, the California Department of Public Health's (CDPH) Active Transportation Safety Program (ATSP) staff assist local communities with creating, evaluating, and sustaining active transportation education and encouragement (non-infrastructure) programs, including Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs, through targeted trainings, technical assistance, and resources.

ATSP's purpose is to:

  • build and support capacity among local SRTS and other active transportation non-infrastructure (NI) programs;
  • conduct activities that complement and inform Caltrans' ATP infrastructure projects, including assisting jurisdictions that have not yet received funding;
  • engage low-income schools and communities in establishing active transportation programs; and ultimately,
  • increase the number of individuals who can safely walk and bicycle to school and other key destinations.

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  • Overview of Non-Infrastructure/Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance and Training Services Provided by the Caltrans Active Transportation Resource Center
  • ​California Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Curriculum (for 4th and 5th grades)
  • ATP Non-Infrastructure Strategies Overview​​
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