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Healthy Aging

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Supports Healthy Aging! Californians are living longer and healthier lives. By 2050, California's over-65 population will more than double. Along with this growth comes a pressing need to ensure that older adults have equitable access to the opportunities,support systems, and resources to live healthy, fulfilled, and meaningful lives.
The growing older adult population brings a wealth of opportunity.  Older adults give back to society in many ways; they are volunteers, employees, community leaders and advocates, consumers, artists, caregivers, and more.  Having lived through wars, severe economic events, and cultural revolutions, they offer a wealth of experiences and wisdom.
CDPH promotes the health and well-being of all Californians with a focus on disease prevention and injury prevention, promoting early intervention and screening, and by providing access to resources. CDPH wants to ensure that while health is maintained across the lifespan, older adults and their caregivers receive focused attention. CDPH's Healthy Aging Initiative aligns department resources and identifies ways that public health and our partner organizations may better support improved health for Californians of all ages.
Many of CDPH's programs address prevention and management of health issues that are often a concern for older adults. For information on these programs and additional resources, visit the link below.​

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