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Vaccine Reporting

Will CAIR2 accept flat file submission for COVID-19 vaccine reporting?


How can sites submit data to CAIR2?

There are 3 options for reporting summarized on the main COVID-19 page.

What data elements are required for reporting?

Data elements required for IIS to report
HL7 Field
​Administered at location: facility name/ID
​Administered at location: type
​Administration address (including county)
​RXA-11.9-RXA-11.15 or *
​Administration date
​CVX or NDC (Product)
​Recipient race
​Recipient ethnicity
​IIS recipient ID**
​IIS vaccination event ID
​Lot number
MVX (manufacturer)
​Recipient address**
​Recipient date of birth**
​Recipient name**
​Recipient sex
​Sending organization
​Vaccine administering provider suffix***
​Vaccine administering site (on the body)
​Vaccine expiration date
​Vaccine route of administration
​Vaccine administering provider
​Vaccine Series
​Dose number

*California IIS functionality exists and can/will generate this information on behalf of the submitter
**Identifiable information
***No longer a required data element, but can still be sent

The following is a sample HL7 message. Note that indentation has been added to each segment for readability. Data Elements required for COVID-19 vaccination reporting are highlighted below. Failure to report required data elements may impact the ability to re-order doses.

MSH|^~\&|MyEMR|DE-000001| |CAIRLO|20201215123030- 0700||VXU^V04^VXU_V04|CA0001|P|2.5.1|||AL|AL|||||Z22^CDCPHINVS|DE-000001 PID|1||PA123456^^^MYEMR^MR||JONES^GEORGE^M^JR^^^L|MILLER^MARTHA^G^^^^M|20040227|M||2106- 3^WHITE^CDCREC|1234 W FIRST ST^^BEVERLY
HILLS^CA^90210^^H||^PRN^PH^^^888^5555555~^PRN^CP^^^888^3333333||ENG^English^HL70296|||||||2186-5^ not Hispanic or Latino^CDCREC||Y|2
PD1|||||||||||02^REMINDER/RECALL – ANY METHOD^HL70215|N|20140730|||A|20140730| NK1|1|JONES^MARTHA^^^^^L|MTH^MOTHER^HL70063|1234 W FIRST ST^^BEVERLY HILLS^CA^90210^^H|^PRN^PH^^^555^5555555| ORC|RE||197023^CMC|||||||^Clark^Dave||1234567890^Gomez^Janet^^^^^^NPPES^L^^^NPI^^^^^^^^MD RXA|0|1|20201215||208^Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine^CVX|.3|mL^mL^UCUM||00^NEW IMMUNIZATION RECORD^NIP001|12345^Brown^Sheryl^^^^^^CAA^^^^EI^^^^^^^^RN|^^^DE- 000001||||P039F|20220531|PFR^Pfizer, Inc^MVX|||CP|A
OBX|1|CE|64994-7^Vaccine funding program eligibility category^LN|1|V01^Not VFC eligible^HL70064||||||F|||2020121501140500

What codes can I use for required data elements and how are these codes mapped?

All codes can be found at PHINVADS, CDC Code Sets, and/or CDC HL7 v2.5.1 Implementation Guide for Immunization Messaging, Release 1.5 (PDF). 

Select codes and formatting are listed below for reference.

 Race | PID-10

Code (PID-10.1)

Description (PID-10.2)

Table (PID-10.3)


​American Indian or Alaska Native
​Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
​Black or African-American
​Other Race

Example: |2028-9^Asian^CDCREC|

Ethnicity | PID-22

Code (PID-22.1)
Description (PID-22.2)
​Name of Coding System (PID-22.3)
​Hispanic or Latino
​Not Hispanic or Latino
​<empty field>

Example: |2135-2^Hispanic or Latino^CDCREC|

Vaccine Code | RXA-5

Code (RXA-5.1)
Description (RXA-5.2)
Name of Coding System (RXA-5.3)
​Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
​Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
​Janssen (J&J) COVID-19 Vaccine
​Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
​Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
​Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
​Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
​Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
​Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
​Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
Janssen (J&J) COVID-19 Vaccine
​Janssen (J&J) COVID-19 Vaccine

RXA-5.1 = Identifier
RXA-5.2 = Text
RXA-5.3 = Name of Coding System

Examples: |208^Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine^CVX|
|80777-0273-99^Moderna COVID-19 

Vaccine^NDC| All valid CVX, NDC, and additional code sets can be found at the CDC's Data Code Sets webpage.

Administering Provider | RXA-10

At minimum, submit the administering provider Last Name, First Name, and Professional Suffix. If RXA-10.1 is populated, RXA-10.9 and RXA-10.13 are required:

RXA-10.1 = ID Number (Employee ID, NPI, etc.)
RXA-10.2 = Last name 
RXA-10.3 = First Name
RXA-10.9 = Assigning Authority (Location Acronym, CMS, CAA, etc.) RXA-10.13 = Identifier Type Code (EI, NPI, AN, etc.)
RXA-10.21 = Professional Suffix (MD, DO, RN, MA, etc.)

Examples: |^GOMEZ^MARCIA^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^RN|

Manufacturer | RXA-17

All valid MVX codes can be found at CDC Code Set – MVX.

 RXA-17.1 = MVX Code RXA-17.2 = Text

RXA-17.3 = MVX


Examples: |SKB^GlaxoSmithKline^MVX|
|PFR^Pfizer, Inc^MVX|
|MOD^Moderna US, Inc.^MVX|

Vaccine Route | RXR-1

Either NCIT or HL7 Table 0162 codes are accepted. RXR-1.1 = Identifier
RXR-1.2 = Text
RXR-1.3 = Name of Coding System

Examples: |C28161^Intramuscular^NCIT|

Administering Body Site | RXR-2

HL7 Table 0163 codes are accepted. RXR-1.1 = Code
RXR-1.2 = Text
RXR-1.3 = HL70163

Example: |LD^Left Deltoid^HL70163|

Are there any other data elements that are helpful to report?

Yes, if your site is submitting data manually in CAIR2, ensure all staff record all data elements (Patient Information and Vaccine Information) completely and accurately.

If your site submits data electronically, ensure the following data elements are sent to CAIR2. Complete, accurate, and properly formatted data help prevent duplicate patients and assist in the patient match and merge process, among other benefits.

Patient Phone Number / Email | PID-13

CAIR2 can store both Home Phone and Cell Phone as shown below. However, for Cell Phone to be properly populated, PID-13.3 must use type code CP. If the patient’s cell/mobile phone number is captured in your EHR, please specify PID-13.3 = CP. If valid emails are being captured, this can be sent in PID-13 as well.

patient phone number and email

Phone number

PID-13.2 = PRN

PID-13.3 = PH (home) or CP (cell phone) 

PID-13.6 = area code

PID-13.7 = telephone number

Email address

 PID-13.2 = NET

PID-13.3 = Internet or X.400

PID-13.4 = valid email address only





Ordering Authority | ORC-12

CAIR2 is often used a supplementary data source for incentive programs and quality improvement programs/partnerships. Please populate ORC-12 with the Ordering Authority NPI.

ORC-12.1 = NPI #
ORC-12.2 = Last Name ORC-12.3 = First Name
ORC-12.9 = Assigning Authority ORC-12.13 = NPI
ORC-12.21 = MD (or other professional suffix; optional field)

Example: |1234567891^LASTname^FIRSTname^^^^^^CMS_NPPES^^^^NPI^^^^^^^^MD|

Vaccine Eligibility | OBX Segment

There may be additional COVID-19 reporting requirements for Vaccine Funding Program Eligibility and/or Funding Source. Ensure Vaccine Eligibility is recorded for all administered doses.

Vaccince Eligibility Categories (HL7):

Vaccine Eligibility Description
CAIR Funding Choices (inventory)
​not VFC eligible (Private Pay/Insurance)
​VFC eligible – Medi-Cal/Medi-Cal Managed Care
​VFC eligible – Uninsured
​VFC eligible – American Indian/Alaskan Native
V05​​VFC eligible – Underinsured
​Public vaccine – State-specific eligibility [317 Special Funds]
State General Fund Vaccines
​State General Fund


OBX|1|CE|64994-7^VACCINE FUND PGM ELIG CAT^LN|1|V01^Private^HL70064||||||F|||20201215|

OBX|1|CE|64994-7^VACCINE FUND PGM ELIG CAT^LN|1|V07^State-specific eligibility [317 Special Funds]^HL70064||||||F|||20201215|

Mother’s Maiden Name | PID-6

For patients 18 and younger, please submit Mother's Maiden Name. PID-6.1 = Maiden Last Name

PID-6.2 = First Name

PID-6.7 = Name Type Code (M = Maiden or can be null)






Next of Kin | NK1 Segment

If the site is capturing Next of Kin information, please submit this information via the NK1 segment. NK1-1 = Set ID

NK1-2 = Name

NK1-3 = Relationship NK1-4 = Address

NK1-5 = Phone number


Example: NK1|1|JONES^MARTHA^^^^^L|MTH^Mother^HL70063|1234 W FIRST ST^^BEVERLY HILLS^CA^90210^^H|^PRN^PH^^^555^5555555|


Who can I contact if I have questions?


If your site enters data manually in CAIR2, contact your Local CAIR Representative.


If your site submits data electronically via an EHR, email

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