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California immunization registry

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CAIR has consolidated 9 regional registries (NorCal, Gr. Sacramento, Bay Area, central Coast, Central Valley, Inland Empire, LA-Orange, Imperial, and San Diego) into a single consolidated state registry known as CAIR2.   However, 1 of the 10 CAIR regional registries will continue to use their own software and store their own regional patient data. This 'independent' CAIR registry is CAIR San Joaquin.   


Where your pharmacy organization operates will determines where your organization will submit data.  View the CAIR Regions page to determine which regions your pharmacy organization operates in.  For pharmacies that delayed registration because of the CAIR2 rollout, register now at the CAIR2 New Enrollment site.  Please note that CAIR2 new account approvals may take 2-3 weeks.

In the Table below, find your pharmacy organization type,  where your pharmacy organization operates, and your Next Steps. 

​If your Pharmacy Organization operates in:
​When can my site register?:
​Your Next Steps Are/Will Be:
The CAIR2 region
​1. Register each site as ‘Retail Pharmacy’ at CAIR New Enrollment
2. During  registration, request 'Regular' user accounts for each staff member who will enter data. Additional  CAIR2 User Roles are also available.
3. Staff will need to register for and attend a webinar training before being given CAIR2 access.
4. Trained pharmacy staff will enter immunization data into CAIR2.
​The CAIR San Joaquin region
​1. Based on your region, contact the appropriate CAIR Regional Registry Contact

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