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​​Data Exchange Monitoring Resources

  • Monitoring Data Quality for DX Power and DX QA Users. A short video reviewing the Data Exchange ‘Check Status’ Quick Guide for DX Power and DX Quality Assurance (DX QA) Users.  video | Quick Guide (PDF) |
  • Data Exchange 101 – How to Ensure Your Clinic Submits Quality Data to CAIR2.  Training  for clinic staff – emphasizes the importance of monitoring data exchange to ensure continuity and data quality.  For ‘Power’ and DX DQ’ users who will monitor the data exchange process.  videopdf
  • Get Your ACKs Together!:  Clinic Level Monitoring of Data Exchange (DX) Transactions.  A previous version of the above presentation. Training for ‘DX Power’ and ‘DX Quality Assurance (DX QA)’ Users.  video pdf 
  • Ensure Your Clinic Submits Quality Data to CAIR – Promotional flyer (PDF) describing the benefits of monitoring messages and the steps for setting up DX monitoring in your practice.
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