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Improve the Accuracy of Your CAIR2 Aggregate Patient Reports

Except for inventory reports and doses administered reports, aggregate patient reports in CAIR2 include only patients who are ‘active’ in your practice. Typically, patients become ‘active’ in your practice if a vaccine dose for that patient is entered/submitted by your practice. Therefore, for CAIR2 reports to be accurate, clinics should periodically review their patients and set the status of patients no longer active in their practice to ‘inactive’.

The new Manage Patient Status page in CAIR2 allows your clinic to change the status of your patients in just a few simple steps. Patient lists can be generated based on different criteria, including last name, age range, current status in your clinic, and time since last immunization visit. Selected patients can then have their status changed with a single button click.

Periodic review of patients and updating of their status is recommended to maintain report accuracy. This is particularly important if you plan to run reminder/recall reports since you don’t want patients who are no longer your patients to be included in those reports.

See the Manage Patient Status User Guide (PDF) for instructions.

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