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The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has established a  Value Based Payment Program  to provides incentive payments to health care providers who engage in recommended member vaccination activities, including on time immunization of 2 yr olds, flu vaccination of adults, and Tdap vaccination of pregnant women.   CAIR2 may be used as a supplementary data source by Medi-Cal managed care plans to calculate your incentive payments. For this reason, the provider’s name and individual national provider identifier (NPI) should be associated with each administered dose submitted to CAIR2.

  • If you are a provider who submits vaccine doses to CAIR2 from your EHR system, work with your EHR vendor to ensure that doses submitted to CAIR2 by your site contain the ordering provider name and NPI in the ORC-12 field of your HL7 message. In October 2019, only 65% of dose-containing HL7 messages received by CAIR2 contained an ordering provider name and only 18% of those messages contained the ordering provider NPI.   The Specific EHR Vendor Instructions are as follows:

Sending Ordering Provider Names and NPI in Your HL7 Message:

The ORC-12 field of the HL7 VXU message must contain the ordering provider’s individual (Type 1) National Provider Identifer (NPI, 10 digits) in ORC-12.1 and the Identifier Type Code “NPI” in ORC-12.13 (italic).  The Ordering Provider Last Name and First Name should be sent in ORC-12.2 and ORC-12.3, respectively, and the Ordering Provider Professional Suffix put in ORC-12.21 (e.g. ‘MD’) (bold) as shown in the ORC-12 example below:


  • If you submit vaccine doses to CAIR2 manually, changes to the CAIR2 software will be available early in 2020 to allow provider names and NPIs to be added to CAIR2 through CAIR2 Account Update or CAIR2 New Enrollment as ordering authorities who can then be assigned to administered doses during manual entry.

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