LHJ-Vaccination-Network-Transition-Plans Local Health Jurisdiction Vaccination Network Transition Plans

​Note: This webpage is no longer current and is for historical purposes only. See the CDPH COVID-19 Vaccine landing page for the latest information.

Local Health Jurisdiction Vaccination Network Transition Plans

Since the vaccination effort started, each Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs) has been managing their own COVID-19 vaccination efforts including developing networks, scheduling appointments, and allocating vaccine doses. To equitably, efficiently, and safely accelerate the administration of COVID-19 vaccines, Blue Shield of California currently serves as  the State's Third Party Administrator (TPA) to build an enhanced state vaccine network so vaccine supply would be directly allocated to providers in order to maximize distribution efficiency and equity. 

To support this goal, the TPA has been tasked with creating and managing the enhanced a vaccine network and providing comprehensive, accurate, and timely reporting to ensure network performance goals are met.  The goals center around: capacity, equity, geographic access, and efficacy.

The TPA, in partnership with the State, has worked with each LHJ to determine how to transition. The roles and responsibilities of the State, TPA, and LHJ are defined in each transition plan; a timeline for key processes is included and milestones are also established. The vaccine equity plans, which outline strategies to serve the least advantaged communities, are also included and used to inform each jurisdiction's transition plan with the TPA and the type/level of support that can be provided. 

​Local Health Jurisdiction Transition Plans may be updated to reflect any changes that are discussed and/or take place during the transition period. 

Note: Alpine County does not have a TPA Network transition plan as the county is close to being fully vaccinated within its jurisdiction.