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Submission to CAIR – Where/When/How?

The CAR2 Project has consolidated  9 regional registries (CAIR Northern Cal, CAIR Gr. Sacramento, CAIR Bay Area, CAIR Central Coast, CAIR Central Valley, CAIR Inland Empire,  CAIR LA-Orange, CAIR Imperialk, and CAIR San Deigo) into a single, centralized state registry known as CAIR2 .  And as of October 3rd 2016, all sites previously submitting electronic data to any of these 7 regional registries are now submitting data to CAIR2.    Furthermore, there is 1 'independent'  CAIR regional registry  –  CAIR San Joaquin – that continues to use their own software and store their own regional patient data. 


Where your pharmacy organization operates determines where you will submit your patient immunization data. View the CAIR Regions page to determine where in the CAIR system your pharmacy organization operates. 

In the Table below, find your pharmacy organization type, where your pharmacy organization operates, and your Next Steps.  

​If your Pharmacy Organization Type is:

​And your Pharmacy Organization operates in:

​Your Next Steps Are:

(e.g. large or small chain)

The CAIR2 region

  1. Check with your chain contact to ensure your pharmacy organization has registered at CAIR IZ Portal or has begun message testing or is actively submitting data to CAIR2.
  2. If not registered, make sure your pharmacy organization has registered as a "Retail Pharmacy" at the CAIR IZ Portal and is moving toward active submission.
  3. Add 'Read-Only' users if desired to review patient records/recommend additional vaccines (see below).

Note: HL7 messages for patients residing in any of the 3-independent registries received by CAIR2 will be forwarded to the appropriate home registry.

(e.g. large or small chain)

Exclusively in San Joaquin region

  1. ​Based on your region, contact the appropriate CAIR Regional Registry Contact for next steps.

Single Pharmacy Site

The CAIR2 region

  1. ​Register as a "Retail Pharmacy" at the CAIR IZ Portal
  2. Review the CAIR2 4 Steps to Data Exchange page
  3. Work with vendor to convert pharmacy data to HL7 messages meeting the CAIR2 HL7 v2.5.1.Data Exchange Specifications (PDF).
  4. Work with vendor and CAIR staff to test and validate message accuracy.
  5. When approved, begin active submission of patient data to CAIR2.
​Single Pharmacy Site

Exclusively in San Joaquin region

  1. ​Based on your region, contact the appropriate CAIR Regional Registry Contact for next steps.


Possible Vendors for Data Conversion

Since pharmacy management system  exports in most cases cannot be directly uploaded to CAIR2, below is a list of Health information Exchanges (HIE) that are either currently submitting pharmacy data to CAIR2 or who have expressed interested in working with pharmacies to submit their immunization data.

​Contact Name
​Contact Email
​Contact Phone

​Iron Bridge Integration

​F. Bradley Meyer

​888-963-9793, ext 700

​Jackson, Key and Associates

​Russell Allbritain

​251-432-4925 ext 26


​Farah Madhat

​800-960-8147 ext 503

​ScientificTechnologies Corp.

​Erin Ogram


​Script Management Partners

​Kimberly Mernovage


​Shasta Networks

​Jacek Zagorski



Which vaccines do your patients need? Checking patient data in CAIR

Pharmacy staff are encouraged to review patient immunization records in CAIR prior to administering vaccines.  To get read-only access to CAIR, pharmacies submitting electronically should register first online at the CAIR IZ Portal, then add read-only user accounts by logging into the CAIR Account Update webpage. Training videos on how to login and search for patients are available at the CAIR2 Training page.  Note: CAIR Accounts created at the CAIR IZ Portal may take up to a week to be accessible at the CAIR Account Update webpage. 

To get read-only accounts created for chains with multiple pharmacies, send a list of your sites and pharmacist users to 


For additional information, email the CAIR DX staff at

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